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Elevator Controls and Expansion Boards

Catégorie : Terminaux de contrôle d'accès

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Fabricant : ZkTeco

Model EC10
Floor Button Control Relay 10
Fingerprint Capacity 3000
RFID Card Capacity 30,000
Event Capacity 100,000
Power Supply 12V DC 1A
Communication to PC TCP/IP, RS485
Communication to EX16 RS485
Number of supported EX16 3
Dimension(L×D×H) 242mm×95mm×60mm
Net weight 0.8Kg
Model EX16
Floor Button Control Relay 16
Communication to EC10 RS485
RS485 address Set by DIP switch
Power Supply 12V DC 1A
Dimension (L×D×H) 160mm×106mm
Net weight 0.2Kg